Speaker –

NMI Summit 2023

Dr. Amrita Vijay, PhD

Amrita Vijay received her MSc in Food Science from the University of Nottingham and completed her PhD from King’s College London, where she specialised in salivary and mucosal biology. She pursued her post-doctorate research with Prof Tim Spector at TwinsUK, King’s College London before moving to Nottingham where she currently works with Prof Ana Valdes. She was integral to the setup and execution of dietary intervention studies focussing on gut microbiome and metabolic health both in the UK as well as in India. She also lead a case-control study in South India which explored the role of the gut microbiome in malnutrition. Her research currently focuses on observational and interventional studies on the role of nutrition, gut microbiome and metabolomics in relation to health and disease. She was recently awarded under the Nottingham Reward Scheme in recognition of her valuable contribution to research for 2020/2021.


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