About NMI

The Nutritional Medicine Institute (NMI) is an educational, advocacy and research group committed to advancing the science and practice of nutritional medicine.

Our primary aims are to increase awareness of the crucial role of diet and nutrition as a determinant of health, and to use science to inform the application of personalised dietary interventions and nutrient-based supplements in clinical practice.

To achieve this, we publish the Nutritional Medicine Journal and host leading-edge conferences that engage and empower researchers, health professionals, and health advocates with the latest developments in nutritional medicine.

Executive Team

Benjamin Brown

Tanya Ackenson

Alex Walton

Evi Berriman

Zara Watt, BSc (Hons)

Hannah Waskett

Editorial Board

Deanna Minich, PhD

Justine Bold, BA (Hons)

Ray Griffiths, MSc

Kirstie Lawton, PhD

Karin Elgar, PhD

Lorraine Nicolle, MSc

Dr. Nina Fuller-Shavel

Chloe Steele, MSc

Ciara Wright, PhD

Dr. Miguel Toribio-Mateas, DProf

Debbie Grayson, BSc

Dr. Michelle Barrow, DProf

Dr. Denise Furness, PhD

Miranda Harris, MSc, SFHEA

Rachel Nicoll, PhD

Dr. Carol Granger, ProfD