NMI Summit 2024 Speaker

Professor Robert Thomas

Professor Robert Thomas is a full time NHS Consultant Oncologist at Addenbrooke’s and Bedford and  Hospitals. He is Director of Oncology reserach at Bedford. He is also a Clinical Teacher at Cambridge University, a Professor of Sports and Nutritional science at the University of Bedfordshire author of the book “How to Live” and Head of Oncology at The Royal Hospital for integrative Medicine, Great Ormond St.

He manages patients with radiotherapy, chemotherapy, hormones and the newer biological treatments but incorporates nutritional and lifestyle strategies into routine management to enhance outcomes and reduce side effects.

Research Experience: He has been chief and principle investigator of numerous radiotherapy, herceptin and hormonal trials run by the National Cancer Research Network, Universities or the pharmaceutical industry. He is also head of a Lifestyle and Research Unit which designs and conducts university approved scientific national studies which evaluate the impact of exercise, diet, gut health and natural therapies on cancer, long covid  and other chronic diseases. He is currently chief investigator of the national covid vaccine nutritional intervention study and the YourPhyto study evaluating phytochemical and probiotic strategies to improve gut health and their impact on prostate cancer progression. His scientific papers and presentations, can be accessed on cancernet.co.uk/rthomas.htm.

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He was awarded The UK’s “Hospital Doctor of the Year”, The British Oncology Association “Oncologist of the Year” and The Royal College of Radiologist Research Medal. The NHS research Prize and Honorary Fellow of the British Society of Lifestyle Medicine.