For anyone interested in the field of nutrition and gastrointestinal health the NMI Summit 2023 is a rare opportunity to upskill and expand your knowledge.

  • Functional Gastroenterology Masterclass: Keynote speaker Dr Gerard Mullin wrote the book on gut health, literally: Integrative Gastroenterology, 2019. Hear from experts who are at the cutting edge and actively engaged in research and clinical practice.

  • Microbiome Re-Think: Do you really understand nutrition-microbiome-health interactions? Professor Glen Gibson will present a state-of-the science, he has been researching gut bacteria for over 30 years and co-coined the term ‘prebiotic’ in 1995.
  • Unbiased Professional Education: Speakers are some of the most qualified experts in their fields and include world-renowned researchers, authors, and expert clinicians. Strictly no product promotion, only the best independent education.
  • Important Clinical Insights: The summit takes us on a journey from mechanistic understandings to common diseases and clinical applications. Topics range from gastrointestinal disorders such as small intestinal bacterial overgrowth and inflammatory bowel disease, to pain and trauma.

Featuring topics that are fundamental to the practice of nutritional, integrative and functional medicine:

  • Learn about small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO) from the author of one of the only clinical studies of nutrition-based antimicrobial treatment.
  • Discover how a multi-disciplinary functional medicine practice approaches gut health by getting back to basics.
  • Update your knowledge on best practice for the integrative management of inflammatory bowel diseases (IBDs).
  • Improve your ability to critically assess probiotic and prebiotic research for evidence-based clinical practice.   
  • Expand your knowledge on the microbiome, separating fact from fiction with new learning and insights.
  • Understand how nutrition-microbiome interactions can affect systemic health, including immunity, pain and trauma.
  • Review the pros and cons of faecal microbial transplantation (FMT) from a pioneering doctor using FMT in clinical practice.
  • Explore how diets and therapeutic foods can be personalised to improve gastrointestinal health.

The NMI Summit 2023 brings you cutting-edge, unbiased, evidence-based education from leading educators in an event that is essential for upskilling your knowledge in this important area. Be part of the movement and join us for 2-days of unrivalled learning and inspiration. Together we are shaping the future of nutritional medicine.