NMI Summit 2024 Speaker

Claire Sehinson, MSc

Claire is an educator, researcher with a functional medicine and nutritional therapy clinical practice.  She brings to her work her passion and lived experience of being multiply neurodivergent and diagnosed with Autism, dyslexia and ADHD as an adult, whilst navigating her own recovery from ME/CFS and dealing with many mental health issues throughout her lifetime.  

Claire has over a decade of specialist clinical experience working with complex illness, trauma, CFS, Fibromyalgia and chronic infections.  Claire is the Head of Research at the Optimum Health Clinic (an integrative body-mind clinic) where she researches and trains practitioners on cutting-edge protocols to support complexly ill clients.  

She created the IHCAN award winning Therapeutic Nutrition course- a 6 month post-graduate practitioner training program supporting patients with CFS/ME and complex illness. Claire continues to advocate for marginalised groups to raise awareness and share knowledge of intersectionality in healthcare. Her research focus is the overlap of Neurodivergence, hypermobility spectrum disorders and chronic complex illness. 

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