NMI Summit 2024 Speaker

Dr. Ciara Wright, PhD

Dr. Ciara Wright is a science researcher and Nutritional Therapist. With a background in medical laboratory sciences and biology, Ciara obtained her PhD in epithelial immunology and worked post-doctorally in diverse research fields such as stem cell science, gene therapy, microbiology and immunology. After studying with the Institute of Health Sciences, Ciara now also runs a busy Nutritional Therapy practice in Ireland. Ciara keeps up to date with the latest research and manages her clinical practice team of seven ensuring an evidence based practice and the best supports for her patients. The clinic focuses on hormonal issues, fertility and digestion and Ciara’s specific area of interest is in complex immunology cases.

Her research continues with several collaborations, publishing reviews, book chapters, clinical studies and case reports in nutritional interventions. She has 14 peer-reviewed published papers and has presented at numerous international nutrition and medical conferences.

Abstract microbiome

In the last two years however, Ciara unfortunately had to step back from her patient facing work as she developed Long Covid. Throughout this time, she has continued to research into supports for Long Covid and Myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS). She developed new collaborations with the best researchers in this field and is set to publish a case report, an observational study and a review paper on potential interventions in this complex condition. Her personal journey has given her excellent insight into the patient experience. She is determined to continue her research and offer supports for patients with Long Covid, and importantly Myalgic Encephalomyelitis, which has been ignored and underfunded for decades. #MillionsMissing