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Dr. Rachel Nicoll, PhD

Umea University, Umea, Sweden.

Rachel Nicoll originally trained as a nutritionist but is now a medical researcher, lecturer and writer. She gained her PhD in cardiology in Umea University, Sweden, and went on to work as an academic there and in Helsinki University, Finland. She has authored or co-authored around 60 published papers on various topics and has written several book chapters. Rachel is now devoting much of her time to writing and lecturing in the UK and will be working with the Alliance for Natural Health on their education programme.

Rachel organised and presented at Biolab’s Mitochondria Day in 2021 and Long COVID Day in 2022, as well as presenting at the British Society for Ecological Medicine’s 2022 Mycotoxin conference and Beyond the Metabolism conference. Elsewhere, she has presented on nutritional and immunological aspects of COVID-19 and has lectured on Environmental Medicine at various schools of nutrition, events run by supplement companies and other conferences. She served 5 years on the committee of the British Society for Ecological Medicine, where she organised and presented at several of their earlier conferences.

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